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Carlow Enterprise Town Event

Check out our stand at the Carlow Enterprise Town event from Friday 27th November – Saturday 28th of November in St Mary’s Academy CBS, Railway Road, Carlow.

We look forward to meeting you there.

Carlow Enterprise Town Event

Royal Irish Academy of Music Exams

Royal Irish Academy of Music exams are continuing here at Holland Pianos until Thursday, 26 November.
We wish all candidates the very best with their results and every success in the future.
We are happy to see that year-on-year the numbers taking exams are growing and it is encouraging to see that so many young people are embracing music and indeed taking state exams along the way.

Piano Care & Maintenance Tips1

Piano Care & Maintenance Tips.

Your piano can be the central or focal point in your hallway or living room. It really becomes part of the furniture of your home and at times needs to be cleaned or polished to keep it looking at its very best.
We have put together a list of hints and tips for you so you can carefully and correctly take care of your piano.

1. Cleaning Your Piano
One thing that every piano owner should know is that they are a very delicate piece of furniture and need a bit more attention than most typical furnishings. If you go about cleaning your piano as if you were cleaning your kitchen,then you may potentially be causing damage to the finish which could result in you having to pay for costly repair work in the future.

With all pianos care and attention to detail is required to ensure that you are correctly cleaning your piano.

Cleaning and polishing are two completely different actions when it comes to your piano. Improper polishing can be potentially very dangerous to your instruments exterior finish, so you really should keep polishing to the absolute minimum.

On high gloss polyester finishes it is in advisable to use wax sprays as this will in time give rise to a haze on the finish.

If you need to remove any dust you should be using a feather duster or fine microfibre cloth. Be careful! believe it or not using a dry cloth which has larger particles of trapped grit or dust can actually scratch and damage a high gloss piano finish. Dust is very abrasive, and can scratch such a finish if wiped off with a dry cloth.

If you haven’t got a feather duster to hand and you only have a cloth to carry out your dusting; then always make sure that you use a soft fabric such as a chamois or microfibre. Avoid the use of rags or paper towels.

Ensure that the cloth is slightly damp to pick up the dust and dried immediately by a separate dry cloth. Always use a careful touch and avoid creating swirl marks by always wiping with long straight strokes as opposed to a circular motion. You should wipe in the direction of the grain for natural wood finished pianos or in the direction of the existing sheen pattern for solid colour satin finishes.
For any interior cleaning you should always call a specialist piano technician to carry out his as exposed parts inside a piano are very fragile. If you need to have your piano interior cleaned then contact Holland pianos on 059 91 31177

Music Generations Carlow

music generations carlow

Holland Pianos are delighted to host the end of year concert for the music generations carlow duet club on Saturday, 13 December 2014.

Seven talented young performers will perform duets and trios for their audience which will showcase the work that they have been doing over the past months.

The duet club is run in conjunction with Carlow college of music and classes take place fortnightly under the supervision and instruction of Gillian Daly and Majella Swan.

The club is proving to be very successful and it is hoped that the membership will expand in the coming months.

The initiative aims to explore and develop the group playing aspects of piano and concentrates on duos and trios.

Members of the club have worked to develop their piano skills and we look forward to seeing them showcase their skills across three pianos.

For further information on music generations simply visit www.musicgenerationcarlow.ie

Royal Irish Acedemy Workshop

There has been a great feedback to the recent keys skills workshop which was conducted by the Royal Irish Academy of music in the Holland Pianos Carlow Showrooms on September 21st.
Mainly aimed to help teachers prepare for the 2015- 2018 sylabus, this workshop explored various teaching methods, and offered solutions to common problems while also providing tips on such things as musicality, expressiveness, scales and advice on how to approach aural tests.
The event was attended by music teachers and students from across Leinster and beyond.

The workshop was given by Mr Anthony Byrne who provided a great insight into all aspects of the current curriculum through all grades but with a particular emphasis on the higher grades.

Holland pianos are delighted to play our part in such wonderful events and look forward to hosting many such events in the future.

A quick reminder that dates the Royal Irish Academy exams for the autumn will be announced soon, and we will provide any updates as soon as we have confirmation of these.

Best wishes to all who are sitting exams at this time.

Summer Music Recitals

Holland pianos will continue to host our popular music school recitals throughout the summer.

On 29 June at 12:30, Alison Rothwell will be joining us for her annual student recitals.
Alison is a very popular teacher, and we look forward to hearing the performances of her talented students.

The student recitals have proved very popular with music teachers and is a facility that we are delighted to offer.

We would be happy to hear from any music teachers who are considering holding recitals for their students, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to accommodate if we can.
If you are holding a piano event or if you know of an event in your community that is coming up in the near future, please feel free to contact us and we would be glad to promote it on our website and in our showrooms.