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Piano Tuning in Ireland

The most fundamental part of piano maintenance, is of course piano tuning. Over time pianos go out of tune, how quickly and by how much depends on quite a number of factors. Changes in humidity and temperature will cause changes within the piano. Pin blocks will shrink or expand, tightening or loosening their grip on the tuning pins themselves. Expansion and contraction due to temperature can also raise or lower the pitch.

The piano that is regularly and vigourously played is likely to go out of tune more quickly than one that is played moderately and infrequently.

As a rule of thumb, most people would aim to have their piano tuned at least once per year, although some would have the piano tuned more frequently.
Pianos are designed to sound their best when tuned to A440 concert pitch. Over time if the piano is not frequently tuned, the overall pitch may slip considerably below concert pitch. When a piano is below pitch it will cause difficulties if the instrument is to be played in conjunction with other instruments.

Raising pitch is a more difficult task than tuning alone, and sometimes a number of tunings may be required in order to stabilise the piano back to A440 concert pitch.

Typically when the piano is being tuned the tuner will carry out minor adjustments or repairs as part of their tuning procedures (this is called “regulating”). This is beneficial for the piano from the point of view that small problems are picked up during regular tuning visits and are not allowed to become more serious. Alexandra Holland, is the sixth generation piano tuner in the Holland family. Over the years we have tuned pianos for many of the country’s foremost institutions. Our tuning clients include schools,colleges, theatres, prominent musicians, and private clients.

So if your in need of a professional piano tuning service simply give us a call on 059 91 31177 or email us at info@hollandpianos.ie. Alternatively simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you a soon as possible.

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