Who's who at Holland Pianos

Holland Pianos is a long established, unique family business operating right here in Carlow.  The “Holland” name being synonymous with pianos nationally.

Alexandra Holland

This business is owned and run by Alexandra Holland a 6th Generation Piano Tuner.  Alexandra is very unique due to the fact that she is the 1st Female Registered P.T.G. Piano Tuner/Technician in Ireland, and the U.K. and 2nd Female in the world outside of America to hold this prestigious qualification.

Adrian Walsh

Adrian Walsh is also an associate of the PTG and primarily works on the repair and rebuilding department of Holland Pianos which makes up a large part of our day to day business.

Alison Holland

Our daughter Alison Holland, has also undertaken studies to qualify as an R.P.T., (to be 2nd Female R.P.T. in Ireland).    When she completes this exam Alison will be the 7th Generation Piano Tuner with the family business Holland Pianos.  Alison also works with Adrian in the repair, rebuild and technical department of the business.

Alexander Holland

Our Son Alexander also works for the business, mainly on demanding physical piano removals, deliveries and hires.  He is also being trained in the sales department of Holland Pianos.  Alexander is attending college in Dublin studying for a Degree in Modern Music.  Alexander works on the delivery, moving and hire of pianos.

Family Photo with Adrian
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