Holland Pianos Piano Sales & Piano Restoration in Ireland

Piano Sales in Ireland

Holland Pianos are one of the largest family-run piano sales businesses in Ireland. Based in Carlow for over 50 years

Piano Sales in Ireland

Piano Restoration in Ireland

Holland pianos are renowned experts for piano restoration in Ireland. We carry out partial and full restoration of all pianos.

Piano Restoration in ireland

At Holland Pianos thanks to our 7 generations of experience. We offer Piano Sales & Piano Restoration in Ireland.

Why Choose Holland Pianos for Piano Sales & Piano Restoration in Ireland?

Buying a piano is an investment Unlike buying a car, a holiday or most other things in your home, if you buy wisely you can enjoy your piano for generations.  This requires a decision that is part heart, part head.  This is where our expertise and guidance make all the difference. Buying from a reputable piano company is paramount. Too often clients have been lured into a “bad buy” from social media sites and private sales.

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PIano Restoration in Ireland by Holland Pianos

Every piano holds a unique history, echoing the tales of countless hands that have played its keys. Holland Pianos understands the significance of preserving this heritage. Their restoration process begins not just with restoring wood,  keys and strings but with unraveling the stories woven within each instrument.

The Holland family began their long history with pianos back in the very early 1800s. (Although we haven’t been able to establish it, the history may go back even further than this). Johnston Holland was tuning pianos in Dublin around this time. It was not long before his son Alexander took up the trade. Read More...

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For more information on any of our pianos call us on +353-59-9131177

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March 4, 2024

Piano sales in Ireland have experienced a resurgence in recent years, driven by a combination of factors such as increased interest in music education, the timeless appeal of the instrument, and the growing number of enthusiasts seeking to furnish their homes with elegant musical instruments.  Amidst this growing market, we, at Holland Pianos stand out […]

Restoring Melodies: A Journey with Holland Pianos

February 27, 2024

In a world where the old often makes way for the new, Holland Pianos stands as a beacon of reverence for tradition and craftsmanship. Through their dedication to piano restoration, they not only breathe life into vintage instruments but also keep alive the timeless melodies that echo through the corridors of history. In the bustling […]

Piano Care & Maintenance Tips

December 5, 2019

Your piano can be the central or focal point in your hallway or living room. It really becomes part of the furniture of your home and at times needs to be cleaned or polished to keep it looking at its very best.We have put together a list of hints and tips for you so you […]

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