Piano Sales in Ireland

Holland Pianos are one of the largest family-run piano sales businesses in Ireland.
We have been selling pianos from our base in Carlow for over 50 years now. It is no surprise that we take great pride in this and look forward to many more successful years.

We source the best quality pianos we can within each given price band. It is this attention to detail when choosing our pianos that ensures many years of carefree service from the instrument.

Many of the pianos that were sold 50 years ago are still being regularly played. They still sounding good half a century later.

Our stock varies regularly and we always maintain a good mix of brands, types, sizes, and styles of instrument. Our typical stock would include a mix of Japanese brands such as Yamaha, Kawai, Toyo etc. We would also have a selection of German-made pianos, traditional English pianos, and other brands from further afield such as Korea and China.

We have a selection of grand pianos as part of our stock. These would typically be in the baby grand to boudoir grand categories. Although occasionally we do stock larger instruments.

Once again with our grand pianos, we have a mix of both the new and previously owned instruments. Again our stock will typically have a mix of Japanese, English, German and Chinese made instruments.


Piano Sales Advice

All pianos vary in finish type, colour and size but more importantly, touch (feel of piano) and tone (sound of piano).

We are always happy to advise on the different aspects of all our instruments. We encourage clients to come and view our pianos, play them and hear them played as often as they wish before making their final choice.

Clients who have purchased pianos from us include schools and colleges from most areas of the country and we work closely with many music teachers who take an active role in helping their students to choose the best piano that their budget will permit.

We also carry out a Piano Restoration Service.  For more information Click here

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