What is the best piano for a beginner?

In our view there is no ‘standard’ answer to this - it depends on your beginner!  How long are they playing?  Do they love to practice?  Do they play other instruments?  Are they likely to stick with it?  Are there other siblings or family members who will also use the piano?  The answers to these questions will quickly guide us to the perfect piano for you.

What if I invest in a piano and then my child loses interest?

Buying a piano is not like buying most other items.  If you buy wisely, you can safeguard your investment - so should the worst happen and your child decides not to continue learning to play, you can sell the piano and recoup a lot, if not all, of your initial investment.

What is the best piano for taking the R.I.A.M. Exams?

Again - there is no ‘standard’ answer for this question.  But we will not restrict the scope of the decision to exams - we can identify an instrument that will provide the right quality to allow your child to excel and to have a piano that can grow with them as their skills develop and evolve.

How much should I budget for a good piano?

So much depends on what you can afford and what your needs are.  But we would always advise that you buy the best that you can afford - because unlike buying a car or a holiday, a piano is for life.  Indeed it may even be passed down to the next generation - and becomes part of the family heirloom.

We have pianos in every price range starting from 1500 upwards - we have over 40 pianos in stock at any given time to give our customers choice.

What is covered in the cost?

When you buy from Holland Pianos in addition to 7 generations of expertise, you also get the benefit of our great customer service.  This is why generation after generation come back to us.

Our price on all pianos incorporates a 5 year guarantee and free delivered to your home.

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