Piano Care & Maintenance Tips

Your piano can be the central or focal point in your hallway or living room. It really becomes part of the furniture of your home and at times needs to be cleaned or polished to keep it looking at its very best.
We have put together a list of hints and tips for you so you can carefully and correctly take care of your piano.

1. Cleaning Your Piano
One thing that every piano owner should know is that they are a very delicate piece of furniture and need a bit more attention than most typical furnishings. If you go about cleaning your piano as if you were cleaning your kitchen,then you may potentially be causing damage to the finish which could result in you having to pay for costly repair work in the future.

With all pianos care and attention to detail is required to ensure that you are correctly cleaning your piano.

Cleaning and polishing are two completely different actions when it comes to your piano. Improper polishing can be potentially very dangerous to your instruments exterior finish, so you really should keep polishing to the absolute minimum.

On high gloss polyester finishes it is in advisable to use wax sprays as this will in time give rise to a haze on the finish.

If you need to remove any dust you should be using a feather duster or fine microfibre cloth. Be careful! believe it or not using a dry cloth which has larger particles of trapped grit or dust can actually scratch and damage a high gloss piano finish. Dust is very abrasive, and can scratch such a finish if wiped off with a dry cloth.

If you haven’t got a feather duster to hand and you only have a cloth to carry out your dusting; then always make sure that you use a soft fabric such as a chamois or microfibre. Avoid the use of rags or paper towels. 

Ensure that the cloth is slightly damp to pick up the dust and dried immediately by a separate dry cloth. Always use a careful touch and avoid creating swirl marks by always wiping with long straight strokes as opposed to a circular motion. You should wipe in the direction of the grain for natural wood finished pianos or in the direction of the existing sheen pattern for solid colour satin finishes.
For any interior cleaning you should always call a specialist piano technician to carry out his as exposed parts inside a piano are very fragile. If you need to have your piano interior cleaned then contact Holland pianos on 059 91 31177

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